boris dobrin

Boris Dobrin

The Founder and CEO of the Dobrin Group

About Me

In a wide range of businesses, Boris Dobrin is the founder and CEO of the Dobrin Collection, a privately held group of firms. Dobrin supervises all business operations, including The Testing Company, which provides free COVID-19 testing for events, enterprises, organizations, and consumers nationwide.

Dobrin grew up in Lviv, Ukraine, addressing everyday issues and obstacles. His entrepreneurial DNA drives his natural problem-solving skills and desire to improve the world. Dobrin was raised in Southern California and started his first business, BD Investments, at the age of 19. Later, Dobrin disrupted the lucrative (but technologically challenging) healthcare business.

Dobrin's strategy of integrating tomorrow's technology into today's business model has improved productivity, improved user experience, and improved the organization's bottom line.

Based in Los Angeles, Dobrin's Dobrin Group and subsidiaries now serve hundreds of thousands of customers every month.